Wednesday 8 February 2017

interview: Sir Ian McKellen

When I posted four questions to 100 Big Names in January 2017 to celebrate my website's 15th anniversary, my wife doubted that I would hear back from anyone. Well, she didn't take into account what a top bloke Sir Ian McKellen is. I received these answers in a hand-signed letter dated 2nd February.

Which technological or social development during your career has changed cinema the most?
"The advance of television outlets so that the old rivalry between small and large screen has been transformed and most of us now see films at home rather than in a movie theatre."

Which deceased film-maker or actor do you wish you could have worked with?
"Orson Welles."

What is the one question you’re fed up with answering in interviews?
"Why did you play this part?"

What would you rather be asked instead?
"Would you like me to stop asking you questions?"


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