Friday, 8 February 2013

interview: Stephen David Brooks

Stephen (David) Brooks, writer of Spiders and Spiders 2, kindly agreed to an e-mail mini-interview in August 2006.

How did you become involved with Spiders and Spiders 2?
“Tobe Hooper called me and asked if I wanted to do a movie for Nu Image. I said, ‘Sure.’ Tobe was originally going to direct Spiders but ended up doing Crocodile instead. Spiders 2 was a logical extension. I was working on the sequel before the first one was even finished shooting.”

How did the story of Spiders change from the proton interferometer and Inca mummy of the publicity to the space shuttle crash of the finished film?
“Wow. You did your homework. It actually changed gradually over the course of months. Director Gary Jones had a lot to do with that shift. He and I holed up in a studio bungalow for months re-writing. But nobody told the publicity people! So they continued to use the old synopsis.”

You've worked as a director, a screenwriter and a visual effects artist: which one are you really?
“Director (who can write and knows visual effects).”

What can you tell me about your other projects: The December Hour, Freelancers and The Green Mamba?
The December Hour is a very cool edgy thriller about a group of characters living on the edge of normal society. There's a great mystery at the core of this script but I cannot discuss it. You'll just have to wait to see the film. Freelancers is a mix of Kill Bill and The Fugitive. Very cool concept for a TV series. It is only in the concept/treatment stage at the moment. The Green Mamba is in a similar state. We're in the process of designing the character as part of our presentation package."

interview originally posted 2nd August 2006

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