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interview: Pete Morgan

Pete Morgan has acted in a few films that I have reviewed and very kindly agreed to answer a few questions by e-mail in November 2009.

How did you get started in acting?
“I got started in acting about four years ago as Pete the doorman in a film called Clubbing to Death, then went on to do several other really small parts in other productions. Got a lead role in a film called The Estate with Sean Brosnan, on which the writer lost his finance so I co-financed the film and co-produced it over a year and a half. Then I came up with the concept and idea for The Codfather and BritPack Productions Ltd was formed and we now have a slate of financed films ready to go in 2010. I have one of the main roles in National Task Force which is set to go in 2010 and Vauxhall Crossed with Dannii Minogue and Hugo Speer. I have just finished Dead Cert playing the part of Baxter for Steve Lawson. That film includes Craig Fairbrass, Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and Steven Berkoff. I also played Barry in Just for the Record too.”

How did you get involved with A Day of Violence and what are your thoughts on the finished film?
“I got involved in A Day of Violence by a friend of mine called Chris Fosh. The part was offered to Danny Dyer, so I was told, but he had other commitments so I got offered the part. Even though it was fairly small, I enjoyed it a lot. And Darren Ward and the rest of the cast and crew were a great bunch of misfits to work with - lol. Hopefully working with Darren on his next one.”

When you were making Kung Fu Flid, did you have any doubts about the subject matter or the reaction that the film might provoke?
“To be honest I have never looked at these things as a problem. I treat everyone the same. It’s the people who keep going on about it all the time that make it a problem. I really hit it off with Mat Fraser and to be honest he is probably the most able person I have met, especially his mental attitude. Okay, he has short arms, but when working as closely as I did with him you take no notice. He does everything himself - respect Mat. Great martial artist... great to work with you and great being his fight director.”

What sort of working relationship have been able to build up with producers or directors that you have worked with on more than one film, such as Jonathan Sothcott and Steve Lawson?
“Jonathan Sothcott I worked with on Flid, Just for the Record and Dead Cert. This is a genuine guy who is a true professional gentleman. A few other people did not like him but I just really hit it off with him. Great in the game. Steve Lawson, well he has been good to me and I have known him for several years now. I see Steve as a true friend - I even went to his kid’s christening. He’s coming on in film and proving to be a good director. I feel Steve has found his comfort zone.”

What can you tell me about your project Mrs Impossible?
“If I tell ya I will have to kill you. This one’s still quite under wraps at the mo. We have done quite a few script changes etc. All I can say is it’s going to be a good one - check back soon and I can give you a bit more.”

Where do you see your career going in the future?
“That’s always a hard question. I would love to be a successful actor/producer, as these are the two things I enjoy doing, and secure a film business for my children to eventually get involved in. Acting is my mistress, producing is my wife. I am learning all the time in acting. When I was on Flid, working 21 days with Frank Harper was great, he taught me so much. I learnt so much from him, a great experience. And I would love to do more work with Jonathan and Steve.”

interview originally posted 11th November 2009

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